Yes Mujer Build It, is a PODCAST for ambitious mujeres who are wanting to build a life they LOVE.

Wendy will to teach you the mindset tools and strategy it will take to actually reach your GOALS. This means she will help you get into consistent action and manage your mind, so you can BUILD IT!

Wendy Amara is a strategic life and business coach- with over 16 years’ experience. She specializes in coaching ambitious Latinas who want to reach big life, career and business goals. 

Meet your Host

Wendy Amara is a million-dollar Life, Career, and Business Coach- with over 16 years of experience.

She specializes in coaching Ambitious Latinas who want to reach their Business, Career, and Life Goals.

She is an expert at follow-through, consistent action, and managing your human mind (which is going to try and stop you).

If you are feeling stuck, lacking clarity, or overwhelmed with your career or life- She is your coach. She is a child of immigrants from Guatemala and super proud to be the mom of three, including twins!

She has built a successful million-dollar coaching practice even through being diagnosed with Bi-polar and ADHD in her 20’s. She found that action-based coaching worked to move her brain into creating results,  and she can teach you to do the same!

She has been featured in Hip Latina, Forbes, and Modern Woman.  Her speaking engagements include NASA, USC, and The Council on Foundations. 

Imagine having a life coach in your pocket...

When you learn to manage your mindset, everything changes

The Yes Mujer Build It podcast is exactly what you need in order to:

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