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Wendy Amara is a highly accomplished transformational Strategy Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Best Selling Author. She has coached thousands of individuals over the past 8 years into achieving powerful goals for their lives. Her results oriented, no holding back approach, opens up new possibilities for her clients and has them stay accountable to producing extraordinary results. She has coached many prominent individuals including numerous CEO’s of large companies and high positioned appointed and elected officials.
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You feel stuck in life or overwhelmed with your life? You have an idea or goal you want to achieve but can’t seem to get it together to make it happen? You are a business owner and/or entrepreneur and you are not achieving the results you want? Do you want more peace of mind, along with producing better results in your relationships and in your business?


Transformational Coach, Wendy Amara can guide you and support you towards reaching any goal you want to achieve. The principle foundation of Transformational Coaching gets to the heart of the matter and focuses on creating results for you in your life. Life is full of possibilities and you can absolutely make happen whatever you want to create in your life! Take action and sign up for a Free Coaching Strategy Session with Coach Wendy today.

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What Others Say

  • "If you are looking for your next step forward in life, Wendy can make that happen. She helps you make a road map and then holds your hand through the process of following through with your actions! She has helped me both with my career and my relationships.

    Liz A. Garcia EdM, Harvard Graduate, Founder, Stay Limitless
  • Wendy is effective in her ability to help you gain clarity! Her trainings and workshops inspire action and build your "I can do it" muscle. She create extraordinary breakthroughs for her clients!

    Robyn Siers Founder, Shift 52 Consulting Company, CEO. Lawyer
  • Wendy has helped me increase my capacity as leader and a business owner. Through our work together, I have learned more about myself and have gained the valuable tools I was looking to get to the next level! She has helped me both professionally and personally. She is like rocket fuel for your goals!

    Ivan Altamirano Mayor City of Commerce
  • Wendy Amara is one of the last and few true life coaches still around. Wendy is the Real Deal. She is a a seasoned veteran in the human potential movement, she knows how to draw out the best in people, and truly help them create tangible results, she is in a league of her own

    Alex Urbina Transformational Coach, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker
  • In the last year, I received a promotion at work, advocated for more time off, and became chair of my city's Commission on the Status of Women. Wendy has been there every step of the way--encouraging me, empowering me, and assisting me get out of my own way!

    Norma Fernandez Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at EveryoneOn
  • Last year when I was going through a tough time Wendy was able to coach me through it and supported me in more than doubling my income. She is a wealth of knowledge and lives the life she coaches her clients to have.

    Brandie Carlos Founder of Therapy for Latinx

Keeping Up with Wendy

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