When was the last time you made an inspired decision?

Every single inspiring step begins with two words:

I decided.

⁣That’s all it takes.

You may not be in control of all the circumstances around you. You may not be in control of all the results you get. But…

You are in control of your decisions⁣.

Inspiring steps, inspiring goals, inspiring results all come from making an inspiring decision⁣. 

Once you align your mind, body, and spirit with a decision then reality will align with you as well.

That’s exactly what happened for Monica Avila, an Inspired Action Tribe member:

“Inspired Action Tribe has helped me gain clarity on the bigger picture and my bigger purpose. The mindset work has helped me get unstuck quicker and my whole way of thinking has shifted. The tools, accountability, and not just setting goals but reaching goals inspire me to keep going. Hearing others’ success stories pushes me forward. Helping others and having the opportunity to serve, teach and be on purpose are just a few reasons I am a tribe member.”

What do you have to gain from aligning your mind, body, and spirit with a decision? What reality could you create?

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