Want to feel more at peace & less anxious about what’s next?

Have you ever felt like as soon as you climb one mountain, there’s another one waiting for you?⁠ Or like you’re always climbing but never reaching the top?

I feel you. I’ve been there too.

For a long time I felt life was just a series of mountains. ⁠

I tried journaling.⁠

I tried meditating.⁠

I tried sound baths.⁠

No matter what I tried I always felt like there was something else to do or achieve–like I was always climbing for the first time.

The biggest turning point for me was hearing the stories of other women–women who had overcome illnesses, paid for grad school, made it to the top of their career, or were moms while going to college–women I saw myself in. These women were amazing and yet they never felt like they were doing enough, they needed to celebrate.

That’s when it hit me!

I needed to celebrate my accomplishments. I needed to honor the part of me that climbed that mountain. I needed to sit in celebration before I moved on to what was next.⁠ 

Most of us don’t practice celebration daily. We’re always in go go go mode, thinking about the next challenge. We rarely reflect on all the amazing things we’ve overcome or take time to celebrate all the mountains we’ve climbed!

⁠That’s why the Inspired Action Tribe is so important to me. We practice celebration as a way of life! It is one of our foundational tools. We practice strengthening it like a muscle and over time it becomes second nature.

⁠When celebration becomes a habit for you, your brain changes and starts to focus on what’s working in your life. You’ll start to see all the mountains you’ve climbed and feel less anxious about all the ones still left.

I know what’s possible for me, is also possible for you!

So this week, let’s celebrate. What’s one thing you’re celebrating today? 

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