This is what community looks like


1. to slow down
2. to take a moment, and reconnect
3. to remember why you’re doing all you do in the first place

When was the last time you took time to slow down, reconnect, and check in with yourself? That’s exactly what 20 women did on Sunday, June 13th in the beautiful location of Hollywood Hills. These courageous women took a break from being mothers, entrepreneurs, students, caretakers, etc. to really honor themselves, honor the accomplishments they’ve achieved throughout the last year, and re-charge their minds and spirit.

So many of the women said things like…
“I didn’t know how much I needed this!” “I had forgotten how much it means to be in community.” “I feel like I finally am finding myself.” “I see myself in each of you.”

It was so beautiful seeing all of these women with their hearts open – willing to bond and connect with one another. Even more powerful was witnessing the beauty that happens when women come together in a supportive, loving environment.
We need each other. You cannot do it alone.
We have so many incredible Inspired Action Tribe supporters to thank for making this experience possible: Purple Leira for the beautiful, healing sound bath and self-love flower ceremony. Karla from Kiss & Say I Do Events for helping organize all of the food and being an amazing event coordinator! Kathy from Oh So Pretty Vintage Rentals for the beautiful decor and decorations. Naomi from Oeste Studios, for creating amazing hand poured handles for our goody bags. And to all of our Inspired Action Tribe members for attending – you’re the reason we do all we do! What an absolutely breathtaking experience.

Being in community with each other is the essence of Inspired Action Tribe. Inspired Action Tribe is a group of loving, courageous, and supportive women who, together, remind us of who we really are. These women are 100% committed to reaching their goals, managing their thoughts, and staying in action through it all.

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