Through a highly proactive and dynamic partnership with your Strategy Coach, Wendy Amara, you attain the focus, structure, and support you need to achieve the specific goal you are committed to! We do this together in a strategic way that builds balanced, harmony and success for all areas of your life. The Coaching Relationship is a commitment and action-oriented relationship that concentrates on the present and how to define, clarify and implement strategic goals.

With Wendy as your Coach YOU Will:

-Gain Clarity on your Next Step- in any area of your life

-Create a strategic road map to get there

-Build the muscles you will need to stay consistent and motivated

– Breakthrough any limiting beliefs and habits that have stopped you in the past

-Achieve your Goal in a way that has you gain more Value for your entire Life!


The Future Self Experience

Spend a day connecting to your Future Self and Manifest your Goals Now!

About this Event

It is the start of a new decade! There is no better time than NOW to start working on your big goals for your life!

If you declared a Goal you want to reach for yourself in 2020, then this training is a MUST!

This training is for anyone who:

– Wants to gain more clarity

– Wants to achieve their goal with more grace and ease

– Wants to connect to the future version of themselves to gain insight

– Wants to be inspired to dream big again

– Wants to get unstuck!

-Wants to achieve their goal – quicker!!

If you want any of theses results…then The Future Self Experience is for you!

The Future Self Experience is designed to :

Have you connect with YOUR actual Future Self! Your Future Self- is the version of you in the future. She exists in you and you are creating her through your daily thoughts and actions. She will give you insight, coaching and guidance to achieve your goals faster and with more ease.

Take aways:

I will teach you the science of Energy Vibration in our body and mind.

Support with clarity, insight and manifesting!

Give you actual concrete tools you can start to use Immediately to take ACTION on your goals!

Give you a supportive Tribe that will powerfully anchor your desires and create results in your life.

Guarantee you reaching your goals faster and with more ease than doing it alone.

The Future Self Experience is an all day Training. It is not a sit down and listen type of training. The best learning comes from DOING… So you will be participating in exercises that will create Insight and Inspiration for you.

Please bring your favorite journal/ and or lap top to write in.

Come ready to share your top 3 Goals and/or Desires for 2020!!

Trainings and Workshops

Wendy provides a dynamic in-person experience for all her workshop attendees. She takes her participants through a journey of gaining clarity, creating a road map, and following through to reach their goals!
Her workshops focus on taking Action- and there is always accountability follow-ups included. The core work is around creating new habits that will lead to success.
Wendy is also available for staff retreats, management trainings, and leadership /staff workshops.

Look for more information to come on group coaching programs and workshops!



  • You want to start and grow your own business
  • You’re super motivated
  • You want some guidance to do it right the first time
  • You want to benefit from the experience of fellow entrepreneurs that made it

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

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