Wendy Amara

Wendy Amara is a highly accomplished transformational Strategy Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Best Selling Author. She has coached thousands of individuals over the past 12 years into achieving powerful goals for their lives. Her results-oriented, no holding back approach, opens up new possibilities for her clients and has them stay accountable for producing extraordinary results. She has coached many prominent individuals including numerous CEO’s of large companies and high positioned appointed and elected officials. She supports all her clients with gaining more clarity, connecting to their vision and developing a plan of action for their life that will skyrocket them to their goals. She creates breakthrough opportunities and consistency in action towards her clients’ most meaningful goals.

She has a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA with honors, and an M.A. in Urban Planning, specializing in Social Policy Planning. She transitioned from Leadership roles in the non-profit arena into an executive career as a Transformational Strategy Life and Business Coach. She is certified through the Breakthrough Coaching Academy from M.I.T.T.  She has also lived and studied in Spain and is Bilingual in Spanish. She is a contributing author to the Best Selling book, “The Art and Science of Success, “and lives in California with her husband, daughter and Boy/Girl twins.

Wendy’s passion is supporting clients in achieving breakthroughs in their life, so that they may reach their personal and professional goals!  Her wish for every client is that they live a life they are excited about and proud of! She has worked for numerous transformational companies specializing in ontological coaching, result-oriented coaching, and leadership principles.

Celestina Garcia

Celestina Garcia is a mother, facilitator, educator, Ontological coach, and entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of New Mexico and Claremont Graduate University. She held a full teaching credential K-8 while teaching 6th grade for three years and later moved on to work within thirteen high schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Returning to New Mexico in 2007, Celestina worked in the nonprofit sector and in 2010 she co-founded Community Leadership Foundation (CLF) a non-profit committed to the development of leadership skills and consciousness development. As a serial entrepreneur, Celestina created her private coaching company, Coaching Solutions, where she has spent over 500 hrs coaching executives, small business owners, and community members to align their work to their purpose.  She is also Life Insurance Licensed and works with individuals and business owners to ensure their financial goals are protected. A transformational facilitator of workshops and training, she works with clients to develop transformational experiences and accelerated learning practices that empower their teams to lead through the multiple layers and speed of today’s changing environments.