Manifesting Our Goals Through Inspired Action With Wendy Amara

“Whatever that first thing is that pops into your head right now, that’s the thing that you need to do!” -Wendy

Meet Wendy Amara:

  • Highly Accomplished Transformational Strategy Coach
  • Speaker + Trainer
  • Best Selling Author
  • Results Oriented, No Holding Back Approach

Her Mission Is:

  • To empower Latina’s to gain clarity on what they want, create a plan to make it happen, and step into courageous action!!

In This Episode, You Will Learn All About:

  • How To Begin To Create Clarity For Yourself
  • How To Take Courageous Action
  • Overcoming The Resistance As You Uplevel
  • Making Money Doing What You Love
  • Raising Your Vibrations To Be An Energetic Match For Your Dreams
  • Manifesting Through Future Self Work
  • Building Up Your Confidence
  • And So Much More!



Victoria Zermeno @thatbrunettevictoria

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