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Where driven,
goal-oriented women come to connect, grow and take action

The Problem

On paper, your life looks good. You’ve got the straight A’s, the title, and the cute 1.5 kids to prove it – to your family & friends, your life is #goals.

There’s just one thing.

You’re miserable.

You’ve got a huge vision for your life. Maybe you’d like to start a creative business or get back into the workplace after staying home with the kids. But you’re not sure if your idea is even possible. After months of overthinking, intense bouts of anxiety, and analysis paralysis you’re not sure what to do.

 And now you’re second-guessing yourself, feeling like you lack the skills and routines to make it happen. But you’re tired of being afraid. Maybe your attention deficit or hyperactivity is flaring up again or you’re an introvert battling low self-esteem and perfectionism that manifests itself as procrastination. If only you were confident enough to speak your mind and stand up for yourself! You’re ready to figure this out. You want clarity, to break through your money barriers, and feel more confident. You want to change.

 Yeah, we feel you. We’ve been there too.

If you’re in a period of transition or feel afraid of messing up or looking dumb now that you’re learning how to piece things together on your own then you’re not alone.

Just Imagine...

You finally hire FT employees, become an author, or completely pay off your credit card debt and save for a new home. Imagine finally being able to invest in yourself and your wellbeing – sleeping early, caring for your body, meditating, even having a better relationship with food.

You have a network of fellow-driven and goal-oriented women–cheerleaders who can help you balance your health and relationships with work responsibilities and volunteering. This group of powerful women hold space for you and make it possible for you to wholeheartedly manifest BIG goals. You finally have the guidance and support you need, people to bounce ideas off of, and who inspire you to make your vision a reality.

And you finally know what to do to get unstuck and stay unstuck! You’re taking action towards your goals, improving your skills, and taking it to the next level.

Does any of this feel true for you?

If you feel ready to up-level your life, have a desire to make an impact in the world, or haven’t been able to stay in consistent action and get your idea off the ground then Inspired Action is for you.

The Connector

Hi, I’m Wendy Amara, creator of the Inspired Action Group Coaching Program.

I’m a Strategic Life and Business Coach on a mission to teach women how to create a life they love. As a daughter of immigrant parents, I understand what it feels like to have parents that want you to achieve the “American Dream” yet feeling called to create a life that balances being a successful business owner, working mom, and Latina woman.

I’m an expert at helping women make it happen. If you’re a driven, goal-oriented woman with a vision and need support, accountability, and confidence then I’m here to help!

As part of the Inspired Action Group Coaching Program you’ll have:

✨ Clarity on HOW to execute and make your dreams a reality

✨ Accountability from a group of driven, goal-oriented women who are loving, supportive, and share similar values

✨ Confidence to take consistent inspired action towards your goals

✨ Growth and be able to see how taking action took your dreams from idea to real-life

The Components

What's Included in the Inspired Action Group Coaching Program?


Group Coaching 2x a Month Twice a month you’ll receive live group coaching and have access to a life and business coach with more than 15 years of experience. As part of these sessions, we declare our goals for the month and celebrate our wins together! The benefit of our group setting is that often another woman might receive coaching on a topic or issue we ourselves struggle with and need guidance on to move forward.

Group Ambassadors

Many of our Inspired Action members become friends and collaborate with each other outside of the program! Part of this includes your own ambassador and group to connect with other women who will root for you and provide support when things get tough.

Custom Webinar Once a Month or Challenge

Want to learn how to better manage your time? Or looking to stay motivated to reach your goals? Our monthly webinars provide training for these foundational tools and more to help you reach your goals

Monthly Q & A Call 

In addition to your live group coaching session, you’ll also have a monthly Question and Answer session with Wendy and your Ambassadors to get laser coaching on anything keeping you from reaching your goals.

Private Facebook Group

Love connecting with women in our live sessions? You can also connect and check in with us on Facebook! Our private group provides access to our larger community of women, previous webinars, and upcoming events. You can also update us on your progress and get the accountability you need to make your goals happen.

Get it Done Days

We all have the ability to tap into our vision but sometimes it’s the HOW that will leave us frozen. Our quarterly “Get It Done” Days are 4-hour sessions where you get to implement and take action on completing any goal or project on your to-do lists. Throughout the day, we check in on Zoom to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re getting it done!

Annual Retreat

Our retreat held annually in Los Angeles, California provides a supportive, loving environment for women to hold space for one another. Together we honor ourselves, our accomplishments, and re-charge our minds and spirit. 

A community of women reaching their goals

Sometimes the hardest part about reaching your goals is feeling alone in getting there. One of the best parts of group coaching is hearing other women's challenges and receiving coaching. Usually the coaching insight is valuable for all of us.


With the Inspired Action, you can finally commit to yourself. Membership is a 1 year commitment that includes group coaching, accountability, and live support from Wendy Amara.

Inspired Action Group Coaching Program is for you if:

✅ You currently feel stuck around a particular idea, job, or feeling and are looking for solutions on how to move forward
✅ You’d like support from others while building your vision
✅ You’re looking for coaching and feedback from women with similar goals
✅ You have a clear goal you’d like to reach in the next 6 months to 1 year
✅ You’re ready to invest your time, energy, and resources into making your vision a reality 

Inspired Action Group Coaching Program is not for you if:

❌ You’re not motivated to take BIG action towards your goals

❌ You don’t feel you need any outside support

❌ You’re not ready to commit at least the next year to make your goal happen

❌ You’re not open to coaching or feedback

❌ You’re looking for support from a licensed therapist in assessing, diagnosing, or treating a mental, physical, or emotional challenge 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does billing work?

Inspired Action is a minimum 1 year commitment.

We offer 1 payment option:

Monthly installments of $189 

Refund and cancellation policy:

Inspired Action is a minimum 1 year commitment. Most women stay for 1-2 years.

There are no refunds. If you join and find you cannot complete any of the offerings, due to a health or emergency situation you will need to have a conversation with Wendy Amara, or someone from the team to create a new agreement. 

For monthly payments, you will be automatically renewed unless you otherwise notify us. You will need to notify us with 30 days’ prior notice to pull you out of monthly billing.

We are committed to creating a win-win experience for you and your commitment is at the core of that. 

Let’s Get Started
Are you interested in joining Inspired Action? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1 Get on our email waitlist to be notified when the next round opens for enrollment (the current round closed doors on August 18, 2023)

Step 2 Enjoy access to special trainings by Wendy on Strategy and Mindset, along with updates, while you watch for the “doors now open!” announcement

Step 3 Enroll and submit your payment!

Step 4 Add [email protected] to your email contacts, you’ll be receiving an onboarding email within 10 mins of payment. If you don’t receive this email please reach out to us [email protected]

Step 5 Complete your onboarding questionnaire, join the Facebook group, and get ready to take action

Have questions? Email me: [email protected]

“Wendy truly has a gift to be able to see your blind spots. Sometimes I would get stuck for months on a problem and she would guide me towards a solution in one group session”


“Being a member of the Inspired Action Tribe has given me a place to say our loud my goals and follow through with the accountability from my Ambassador, Wendy, and the women of the tribe. The tools from the webinars are now implemented in my everyday life. Through hearing Wendy’s perspective I was able to let go of my job that no longer served me and launched my own business! I look forward to accomplishing my list of 2021 goals and continue to learn and be supported by my tribe.”


Inspired Action Tribe inspires me to complete individual goals. Having a team that holds me accountable, motivates, and cheers for the intentions I’ve put in place to develop my career has built my self-confidence as an entrepreneur. Since my time with the Inspired Action Tribe, my business has become more efficient. Creating realistic goals and with the group’s support, my wins have been significant. Resolution, acceptance, and self-development are what I see as personal wins from the program.


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Inspired Action Group Coaching Program Includes:

Monthly Payments of


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