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The Problem

You know you have a calling for more, or a purpose you want to achieve. You have an idea you’ve been wanting to launch but don’t know HOW to make it happen. You feel overwhelmed, stuck, and uncertain about your next steps. You know you DON’T want to be exactly where you are now, 1 year from now but you don’t know exactly HOW to get there.  

Is Inspired Action Tribe for me? Does one of  these statements feel  true for you:

You have a goal that you have been seeing in your mind for years or months. Usually before you go to sleep it’s the thing you think about but you feel stuck on what action to take next. Sometimes, it even gives you anxiety. You think that maybe you’ll never get to make it happen.

Achieving this goal is so much bigger than just you. You know that if you’re able to bring your vision into reality it wont’ just change your life but also the people around you who you love. You know you are ready to make a bigger Impact in the world.

You know that you have the vision but sometimes, the confidence isn’t quite there. You second guess yourself and stay stuck in self-doubt. You know you need to strengthen your confidence muscle.

If you know you want  to up-level your life, and you have a vision  to create something  that brings impact into  the world, but you haven’t been able  to get it off  the ground, or stay in consistent action, you need 
the Inspired Action Tribe

Just Imagine

  • Finally, achieving your goal of starting a business, or becoming an author, or feeling confident in your career

  • Having a supportive group of women who are on the same path being able to hold you accountable in an encouraging way every week

  • The ability to learn how to get unstuck and stay unstuck Access to a 15+ year life and business coach to guide you  into making your vision a reality
  • If you are an ambitious woman with a vision to create something in the world and need the support, consistency, accountability, and confidence to make it happen we are here to help!


    The Inspired Action Tribe is a 6 month commitment  to yourself  that will support you through group coaching, accountability, and live coaching from Wendy Amara

    ✨Twice a month live group coaching

    Individualized Ambassador, designated for You to support you throughout the Month

    ✨ Once a month Group POD call with your Ambassador and small group

    ✨ Once a month recorded webinars around Foundational Tools that will help you reach your goals

    ✨ Once a month Question and Answer Session with Wendy and the Ambassadors

    ✨ Access to a private Facebook group with women who are on the same path

    ✨ Access to a 15+ year life and business coach to guide you  in tapping into your vision and how to move forward

    Get it Done Days – Quarterly Implementation days where you work towards completing a particular project

    The Inspired Action Tribe is for you if:

    ✅ You have a clear goal you are wanting to reach in the next 3-6 months
    ✅ You currently feel stuck around a particular idea, job, conversation and you’re looking for solutions to get unstuck and stay unstuck
    ✅ You feel like you’re building your vision all on your own without much support
    ✅ You are open to coaching and insight from others
    ✅ You are ready to commit the investment of time, money, and action into making your vision a reality

    The Inspired Action Tribe is not for you if:

    ❌ You are not motivated to take BIG action towards your goals

    ❌ You don’t feel you need any outside support

    ❌ You’re not ready to commit at least the next 6 months to achieve your goal

    ❌ You’re not open to coaching

    ❌ You are needing support from a therapist, not a coach

    Inspired Action Tribe

    We have combined group coaching, recorded webinars, and accountability all in one

    In  the Inspired Action Tribe you'll receive:

    Confidence to take inspired action towards your goals, inspired action is when our energy, values, and next steps come together to guide us towards our goal

    Clarity on the HOW of making your dreams a reality, we all have the ability to tap into a vision but sometimes it’s the HOW to execute it that will leave us in a frozen paralysis

    Accountability from a group of loving and supportive women who are in the same path. I find that the fuel of action is having accountability to keep us going

    Growth from taking action, within a few months you’ll look back and be able to see how you took step by step approach to take your dreams from idea to something that’s actually possible

    What's Included

    Group Coaching Twice a Month

    2x’s a month you’ll be able to receive coaching in a group setting. Often time someone will ask a question about the exact thing you’re also struggling with

    Weekly Accountability

    A place where you can check in every week to update us on the progress of your action steps and goals, think of us as your personal trainer for goals

    Custom Webinar Once a Month

    A place where you can check in every week to update us on the progress of your action steps and goals, think of us as your personal trainer for goals

    Monthly Accountability POD Calls

    Monthly small group calls done with your Ambassador to keep you on track, keep you accountable and provide added support to reach your goals

    Monthly Q and A

    Wendy is a 15 year strategic life coach once a month you’ll have direct access to ask her questions about anything that is blocking you from reaching your goals

    Private Facebook Group

    We created a private Facebook for paid members only to access recorded webinars, community, and any downloads we offer

    “Wendy truly has a gift to be able to see your blind spots. Sometimes I would get stuck for months on a problem and she would guide me towards a solution in one group session”


    “Being a member of the Inspired Action Tribe has given me a place to say our loud my goals and follow through with the accountability from my Ambassador, Wendy, and the women of the tribe. The tools from the webinars are now implemented in my everyday life. Though hearing Wendy’s perspective I was able to let go of my job that no longer served me and launched my own business! I look forward to accomplishing my list of 2021 goals and continue to learn and be supported by my tribe.”


    I’m Wendy Amara, Creator of the Inspired Action Tribe

    I have been a Strategic Life and Business Coach for 15 years and have helped 1,000’s of women reach their goals. I love teaching Tools that will actually help us accomplish our GOALS.

    There is a big difference between wanting to make something happen, and actually making it happen. I am an expert at how to actually make it happen.

    Being the daughter of immigrants from Guatemala- I understand the mindset that comes with having parents who want you to achieve the American Dream. I have learned to forge my own American Dream, and I am living it today. I have created my version of what a Successful Business Owner looks like, what a Latina Working mom looks like, and how to balance my culture with the expectations put on us as women.

    10 years ago I set out to create a life I love. I Strategically Planned out Goals for my life, Including owning a home, having a thriving business doing what I love, financially hitting 100K in my business consistently, having children, and having a relationship with a man I love.

    I have reached every goal I declared. My purpose is to teach other women to do the same. If you have a goal or are looking for clarity – I can help you get there

    How does billing work?
    Inspired Action Tribe is a minimum of a 6 month commitment, every month you’ll be billed $159 to remain an active member. 

    Money Back Guarantee
    If you join Inspired Action Tribe, follow our membership offerings for 30 days, which includes participating in the Q&A Calls and group coaching calls, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, our team will provide extra coaching support to help you reach your goal or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you reach your goal successfully.

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