I spoke at NASA today ?

At the end of 2020 I received an email that I thought for sure was a scam or a mistake!

The subject line was “Potential NASA Speaking Engagement”, what would NASA want with me?

Well it turns out that they wanted my unique Goal Setting and Planning process!

Even NASA employees aren’t exempt from all the challenges we faced last year. For a lot of people it felt like having to put a pin or pause on our goals but how can we set ourselves up to win for 2021?

Here are three key takeaways from my talk today:

1. Emotional Intelligence and being Self-Aware:

Emotional Intelligence is the #1 predictor of success- and the 1st step in building this is becoming SELF -AWARE. We become Self-Aware by asking powerful questions like:

What’s going right?

What’s working for me?

What resources do I have access to?

2. Connect with your Resilient Self – for Goal Planning

What are the challenges you have faced and overcome?

We all have a Resilient Self inside of us. We just need to be more connected to that part of ourselves. When goal planning it is really important we set our goals from a place of resiliency.

3. Self Care is most important.

During the pandemic, Self Care is a non negotiable! One important tool for Self Care that I taught today to the NASA group- is getting a VENTING BUDDY. YES – get a buddy, a friend or family member you can VENT to. As parents, business owners, and as adults in general – we are allowed to have tantrums also. We just get to do it in a more controlled space. So set up a safe space with someone you trust – and allow yourself to fully VENT! Let all the frustration, anger, and stress out!

What are you doing on a regular basis for Self Care?

Reply and let me know.

Your 100% looks different now than it used to, be compassionate with yourself.

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