How Yadira is designing her business with IAT

When Yadira first came to me she knew she wanted more. She felt called to organize her real estate business and step into really owning her worthiness. She took a courageous step and decided to do one-on-one coaching with me as well as join the Inspired Action Tribe…

Together we worked on clarity, confidence, and decision making. Even though she had the results she still didn’t see herself as a successful business owner. Every week she looked in the mirror and reflected on what she wanted to achieve. Working together, we began to design the kind of business she wanted to run.

In just 3-4 months Yadira transformed her life and was able to:
-Stick to her vision of what she wanted “work” to look like
-Develop a business plan and make clear decisions for her business resulting in more revenue
-Shift her mindset & step into BEING the CEO
-Build her confidence and go from feeling like a victim to a victor
-Start and finish a big renovation project on one of her properties!!

Today Yadira stands more confident in herself than ever. Her real estate business has expanded to include 10 properties and she’s now “working” on her terms. She’s created systems and procedures that work for her and her business and is learning to manage her thoughts!

Meditating on what you want to achieve is a powerful way to reach your goals. For Yadira one of the first steps was getting clarity on her vision and what she wanted her life to look like.

A great way to do this in your own life is to ask yourself “What would I like my life to look like 5 years from now?” And then work backward! What do you have to do now to reach those goals later? And who do you have to be?

​Try this exercise the next time you’re looking to build clarity, confidence, and your decision-making muscle!

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