How Unrealistic Expectations can hold you back and what to do about it

Unrealistic Expectations can be your worst enemy. Our brain has a tendency to automatically set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. 

We tend to Over-Commit and then beat ourselves up when we don’t deliver. We tend to underestimate how long something will take.

How many times have you put your head on your pillow and thought, oh I never finished… the dishes, the emails, the school paperwork, etc… And then felt guilt about it? 

Yet- I bet if we look at your day- you got a bunch of things done.

Your brain does not focus on what you Got Done- it highlights what you Did Not get done.

All the while- it wasn’t realistic in the first place.

Instead of having these unrealistic expectations:

#1- Expect your brain to tell you – you can do more

#2- Take something Off your list.

(Yes- you heard me- take something Off your list, or maybe a couple of tasks Off your list)

Focus on getting the highest priorities done- and remind yourself to be realistic with your time.

What will you take off your list today?

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