How do we stay confident even when it feels like we can’t get it together?

A client of mine wanted Coaching the other day on how to motivate her teammates. There are two people on her team who as much as they continue to try hitting their goals, they’re not producing results and are feeling defeated.

The question she asked me is how do we stay confident even when it feels like we can’t get it together.

How do we stay confident when:
– We are not getting the result we want
– We feel stuck or paralyzed
– It feels like everything is working against us….

First and foremost, you will not always feel confident.
It is unrealistic for you to set an expectation on yourself that confidence will be consistent in your life.
Even the most confident human beings, people who have accomplished tremendous goals in their life, like Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, and Ana Corrales – even they have days where they feel challenged. (if you don’t know who Ana Corrales is…go look her up now)

Accept the fact that doubt and fear will be a part of the process in reaching your goal.
Then it will start to feel like it’s OK to have days where you feel defeated.

From this place of acceptance – then we can choose to change our thoughts and our feelings.

Here is a simple technique that we practice in Inspired Action Tribe:

Start thinking of the last time you felt confident. What was the last big hurdle you were able to jump over, or the last time you felt scared of something and you did it anyways? When was the last time you felt that something was difficult, or hard, and you were able to accomplish it?

That confident version of you is alive in you right now.
We just forget. The human brain forgets. Mostly we forget because we are caught up in our day-to-day life.

Close your eyes and reconnect with that confident version of you and watch how you start to feel more confident. She is in there! That confident kick-ass version of you is in there! This is a technique and doesn’t happen automatically, but the more you practice it the more you will feel it.

Reconnect to your Confident Self. Bring her to the surface – she will not let you down. 🙂

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