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The Reina Crew Discusses Love and Money (with Wendy, Elle, Cristina) |HDM 176

The theme for June is Love & Money and in this episode I invited Wendy Amara, Elle Martinez, and Cristina Maduro for a raw conversation on their experience with this.

They get real and vulnerable and the conversation is so good!

A little bit about our panelists for this episode:

??‍♀️ Wendy Amara is a highly accomplished transformational Strategy Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Best Selling Author. She has coached thousands of individuals over the past 12 years into achieving powerful goals for their lives.

Wendy is certified through the Breakthrough Coaching Academy from M.I.T.T. and lives in California with her husband, daughter and Boy/Girl twins. 

??‍♀️ Elle Martinez is the creator and award-winning blogger of Couple Money, a personal finance site and podcast dedicated to helping spouses get on the same page, pay off their debts faster, and build wealth together!

??‍♀️ Cristina Maduro takes pride in having created an eclectic professional life. From the sports industry, to the corporate sector, to entrepreneurship and beyond, for Cristina, style has always been front and center. As an 8-year veteran stylist with Stella & Dot, Cristina has found a way to combine the strengths she acquired from each of her careers.

In her down-time, Cristina enjoys spending time running around with her teenage daughters to various school, sporting and shopping excursions, traveling with her Firefighter husband, and walks with her beloved (dog) son, Tyson.

Listen to the episode here

What you’ll learn about in today’s episode:

  • They each share if they had the money talk before they got married and the impact having or not having it has had
  • Each of our Reina Crew share a time where they weren’t on the same page with their spouse and what has resulted.
  • Their best piece of advice best on their personal experience to help you navigate love and money

Pregunta of the Week:

When was a time in your relationship where you and your significant other were not on the same page? How did you handle it?

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