Have you tried this under-utilized tool?

We have this amazing skill as human beings:

We’re able to visualize what we’d like to experience.

On cold days remember the last time you felt warm, and your body will actually start to feel warmer!! By visualizing you can trick your brain into thinking it’s warmer than it actually is – it’s a really powerful process!!!

This incredible power of visualization works for everything in your life!!!! And it’s actually a very under-utilized tool.

We don’t need to physically experience it either. We can experience something in our minds first

For example, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps uses visualization as part of his training. “Phelps visualized everything from his strokes, the walls of the pool, his turns, the finish, what the water felt like and even what it felt like to rip off his swimming cap at race end.”

The next time you’re feeling doubtful about yourself visualize feeling confident. One way is to reconnect with the last time you felt confident. Visualize the experience and bring it to your mind’s eye – visualize what you were wearing, who was there, the noises, the smells. Everything.

Give it a try the next time you have a big presentation, are closing a deal, or just feeling doubtful!

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