Have you ever heard of Stimulus Management?

During my coaching career I’ve coached lots of different types of individuals. One commonality I found among most of my clients was that they tend to procrastinate and not complete tasks all the way – especially if they are trying something new, launching a new business, or going after something that requires them to level up.

Through a decade of research and developing tools I created a tool called Stimulus Management. Stimulus Management is your ability to manage the stimulus around you so that you are able to get started on something, and actually complete it.

Completing things that feel uncomfortable at times are at the foundation of you reaching your goals. Being consistent is a clear indicator of whether or not you will actually achieve your goal.

Learning to manage stimulus is the simple act of figuring out what the right amount of stimulus is that your brain needs. Sometimes you need to add more stimulus, sometimes you need to take away stimulus.

Examples for adding stimulus:
– Playing music in the background
– Movement of your body
– Having someone hold you accountable
– Creating a deadline
– Creating a reward for yourself

Examples of lowering stimulus:
– Going to a quiet place
– Removing yourself from a particular environment,
– Meditating
– Going for a walk
– Doing breathing techniques
– Making a clear list of what you need to get done

These are all tools and techniques that we use in Inspired Action Tribe. I teach the process of Stimulus Management and then we make it a HABIT! We use these techniques on a regular basis in Inspired Action Tribe to help us reach our goals.

The simple techniques of Stimulus Management can be a complete life changer for you!

If you are currently procrastinating on a goal that you really want to move forward on in your life, join us in the Inspired Action Tribe. I guarantee you will move closer to accomplishing the thing that you want.

Here are some examples:

Toni got a new job, with better pay and working with a team she is excited about

Yvonne started teaching her Decide Balance Children’s Meditation Classes, an idea she has been sitting with for a while

Ericka has a better sleep routine and is getting things completed on her to do list- daily

Join us- in building new habits that stimulate your brain and get you RESULTS in your life.

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