Have you ever been the only Latina in the room?

Imagine walking into a meeting, and noticing you’re the only Latina.

Maybe even the first.

Has this ever happened to you? How did it make you feel?

Did it make you feel strong and invincible? Beautiful and proud to hold the torch, to be a voice for your community?

Or isolated and awkward? Maybe even frustrated…

-About the stereotypes and expectations put on you?

-About having to represent an entire community?

-About feeling like you have to choose between two worlds?

-About being authentic to you while also still trying to fit in?

I get it. Being the first can be overwhelming and can oftentimes bring up all our insecurities.

But what if it was empowering and uplifting?

What if facing stereotypes and expectations made you feel heard?

What if owning your voice made you feel included and valued?

What if you could create opportunities and still be 100% authentically you?

The truth is you own your thoughts.

You can choose a thought that is going to make you feel like you own the room – regardless of who else is in it.

If you want to learn how to Choose your Thoughts- Click here to schedule a 45-minute consultation and learn how being the only Latina in the room can be one of your strengths.

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