Goals got you feeling blue?

Isn’t it so easy to get discouraged when you’re working towards one of your goals and it feels like it’s never going to happen? ⁠

This last year has put us through so much! Who would’ve imagined we’d be making decisions about how much toilet paper to buy, whether to wear a mask or not and if it was even safe to go outside?

We made decisions we never imagined having to make.

We all adjusted to a “new normal.”

On the good days though, we’re still getting things done, even with our masks on. ⁠

And on the bad days, it feels like we’re climbing a neverending StairMaster – backward.

But that’s OK! In fact, that’s 100% normal!

All this means is an opportunity to shift our focus on…

What YOU ARE capable of…

What you CAN DO and…

How you CAN move towards your goals…. even with one small action a day.

It’s important during this time to have compassion for ourselves and our loved ones. How? Here are five small action steps you can do today to move forward:

 Read a chapter of a book on a subject or topic related to your goal
 Ask a friend for guidance, tips, or potential leads
 Write down an outline or action steps
 Do a Google search on how to achieve your goals
 Organize your calendar so you have time to research and do the work

Sometimes our goals seem so big that we forget that all it takes is focusing on what we CAN do, what we CAN control.

Which of these five action steps resonates most with you?  Send me a reply and let me know which of these five you’ll do this weekend to get closer to your goals! Reaching your goals will be much easier with a little bit of accountability.

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