Getting a hold of our relationship with time with life & business

Wendy was invited back to the Super Mamas podcast to chat with Bricia and Paulina.

Show Notes:

Happy Holidays! It’s finally November, Thanksgiving is two weeks away and the year is almost over. Where did the time go?! Well, returning guest and life coach Wendy Amara will help you answer that question. Today we talk all about time management, strategies we can apply to our own lives to increase productivity, how we can change our perspective of time to create and build a healthier relationship with it, how everyone should start their day, the difference between urgent & important, & more.

Before the episode, Bricia and Paulina gives us an update. Bricia with Eduardo and Paulina with sleep training all the girls, especially Zixta.

Get in contact with Wendy by visiting her website and schedule your free introductory call at or give her a call at (818) 395-2645. ALSO she’s having an amazing event on November 11th, for more information check out manifestday,com & @manifest_day on IG.


(9:00) What is a life & business coach? Check out our last episode with Wendy, here

(11:50): What is time management

(14:07): What are some productivity strategies that we can apply to our lives? Some of the questions we must ask ourselves:

  • How am I spending my time? Where is my time going?
  • What are my priorities? What do I want to spend my time doing?
  • What is the experience/feeling I want to have?
  • Do I respect my time? Do others respect my time? What is my relationship with my time?

(17:25): Being 100% in control of my time BUT how do I with 3 kids?

(19:21): A mom’s relationship with time

(28:00): How should someone start their day?

(30:00): What millionaires do at the beginning of their day?

(30:48): How far in advance can we plan our lives?

(33:45): Should we be writing all these things down?

(35:00): How do we eliminate distractions?

(44:55): What is the difference between things that are urgent and things that are important?

(47:35): Why do you think it’s so hard for us to delegate tasks to other people?

(51:10): How can we motivate ourselves? What are some examples of motivation?


(56:35): Wendy suggests naming your calendar. It’ll help you learn how to own your time and start building a relationship with it.

(58:10): After building her workspace, Paulina’s tip is for you to do that same. Clean out your clutter, get yourself a happy light and get to work.

(59:55): Bricia’s this week is Target’s new service, Drive Up. You basically, go into the Target app, place your order and then drive up to your Target and the items will be brought out to your car! You can get baby food, snacks, diapers and basically everything that is non-perishable & it’s super quick and super easy.

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