Focus on the Here and Now

Have you noticed people are already starting to talk about next year’s goals? People are already starting to plan for 2022.

How about we take a deep breath and focus on how we want to end this year?

If you declared Goals for yourself for 2021- there is still time left to make those Goals happen, or at least time to reflect.

Starting to plan for next year – when you haven’t evaluated or taken inventory of this year is just another way to avoid achieving your Current Goals.

Instead of jumping into the planning phase, or another course or yet another program – let’s focus on the Here and Now.

Good Questions to ask yourself Now:

– How do I want to feel at the end of this year?

– What do I want to look back on and feel proud of about 2021?

– What is left to be accomplished that I have avoided or been distracted from?

Take a deep breath.

Focus on the Here and Now.

End the year with awareness.

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