Do you remember how powerful you are?

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of how powerful you really are…. The Future Self Experience was just the reminder we all needed.

This is one of my favorite Trainings- because it opens up so much possibility for all the participants and has them remember that- each of us has the power to create what we want.

Together we:
– Gained clarity
– Connected with the Future version of ourselves
– Got to Breathe Deeply together with Ana Lilia
– Gained insight into what we want to create
– Planned out a specific day in the future
– And celebrated all of our accomplishments!

It was an honor to facilitate the process and have us STEP into Being our Future Selves- NOW.

Now- We get to practice the tools on a regular basis.

The human brain will forget, and therefore we need a structured environment to support us – in remembering who we really are.

This is why I created The Inspired Action Tribe. In the Inspired Action Tribe- we get to practice the tools in a structured environment that includes:

  • Support
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • AND Mindset Tools – that will change your life!

We produce Results! We get the things done we have been avoiding- and we support each other with staying on track. 

We create the life we want- by managing our mind and staying in consistent action.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Future Self Experience!! and to all of you who are working towards producing results in your life.

We can create the life we want- with just need to remember how powerful we really are, and put that into practice.

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