Manifesting during Uncertainty

As our global Covid-19 experience continues to evolve we are all facing various challenges such as job security, health concerns, and worry about loved ones who might be vulnerable or…

The Future Self Experience Webinar

I know first hand as a human being, mom, wife, and business owner that these last few weeks have been challenging. I’m learning to work with kids at home and…

Forward and Up in 2020 Webinar

If you have a goal for 2020 that you want to achieve, you have to be on this webinar!

Do you have a Goal for 2020 that you want to reach?

We All Grow Latina Webinar

Create a new distinction for fear in your life. Learn how to use fear as fuel to move you forward in life! This webinar is about getting you unstuck and getting you clear on how to take action to uplevel your life NOW!!!