The Inspired Action Tribe

The best way to make your goals¬†happen, get unstuck and stay unstuck- is to have consistent coaching, accountability, and support in your life. Welcome to the Inspired Action Tribe. Now…

Forward and Up in 2020 Webinar

If you have a goal for 2020 that you want to achieve, you have to be on this webinar!

Do you have a Goal for 2020 that you want to reach?

4th Annual I am Bold I Rise Celebration

The I am BOLD I Rise Campaign features thirteen phenomenal women who have risen above their circumstances and are now able to share their triumph with boldness on how they…

Her Dinero Matters Podcast

The Reina Crew Discusses Love and Money (with Wendy, Elle, Cristina) |HDM 176

The theme for June is Love & Money and in this episode I invited Wendy Amara, Elle Martinez, and Cristina Maduro for a raw conversation on their experience with this.

They get real and vulnerable and the conversation is so good!